Since 1995, the Forensic Bureau of Investigations Inc., have represented
both individual and corporate clients around the world to safeguard their
rights and assist clients in general law issues.
Applying rigorous energy, experience, and resourcefulness to every
investigation, we are dedicated to serving your investigative needs! For
product liability and product failure cases, we have highly trained
PE Engineers and consultants using the latest in 3D technology!

For your Forensic Document Examinations we employ the most
technologically advanced equipment such as stereo-microscopes,
comparison microscopes, digital calipers, ESDA (electrostatic Detection
Apparatus), Ultra Violet, Infrared and other A.L.S. Sources (Alternate
Light Sources) to detect forgeries, traced signatures, white out images and
cut and paste images to name a few. We can analyze the age of paper and ink
as well as typewritten documents. Your Questioned Documents and
handwriting examinations will be performed by a court qualified, highly
trained, Certified Forensic Document Examiner
 Altered Medical Records
 Altered documents
 Poison Pen Letters
 Computer Generated fakes
 Disputed Wills
  Inserted Pages
  Stalking letters
 Disguised Writing
Forensic Document Examiners Inc.
Div. of
Forensic Bureau of Investigations Inc.
In Seeking Truth
Will Prevail.

E'lyn Bryan