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caliber professionals and are dedicated
experts devoted to their clients and the justice system.
Listed below are attorney references. For your Questioned
Documents and handwriting analysis, Civil, Criminal,
Domestic and international investigations call for a confidential consult!
Jay Schwartz Past Bar President

Michael Gora Past Bar President

Patricia Alexander Past Bar Pres.

Jeff Brown Past Bar President

Michael Napoleone Past Bar Pres.

Marc Kaufman Past Bar President

Eric Gordon Past Bar President

Randee Golder Past Bar President

Susan Bucher County Supervisor

Andrew Dector Past Bar President

Senator Maria Sachs Esq.
Chris Hadaad State Attorney

Theodore Roodhof State Attorney

Jeffrey Marks Esq.

Diamond Litty Public Defender's Off.

South County Bar Association

Broward County Bar Association

Florida Assoc. of Women Lawyers

Ticktin Law Group

Charles Oliver Esq.

Greeberg Traurig

Search, Denny et al Law firm
Forensic Document Examiners Inc.
Div. of Forensic Bureau of Investigations Inc.
A Partial  List of Attorney References...

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greater darkness
than ignorance."